What should I have for breakfast?

Can’t decide what to have for breakfast or are you just stuck in a rut of having the same thing over and over again?

Healthy breakfast

If you are attending our 28 Days Programme or you are planning on joining us for our Invincible Bootcamp soon you may wish to leave easting your breakfast until after you have exercised for maximum benefit, although it is really important to drink plenty of water before you start to make sure you are not exercising on dehydrated muscles.

Or favourite is Porridge it is simply a great way to start the day.  Porridge is one of the best possible breakfasts when it comes to setting you up for the day – it releases energy slowly and keeps your blood sugar levels stable, making you feel fuller for longer.

For the healthiest porridge, make it with semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, and don’t add a lot of sugar or syrups. If you need a little sweetness, try stirring through some fresh berries.  Frozen raspberries and blueberries can be microwaved for a few seconds to warm them and then added to your morning porridge.

Another great oat-based breakfast is muesli. If you’re buying your muesli in the shops, check the packet carefully and pick one with no added sugar.

However, it’s easy – and usually cheaper – to make your own. Plus, this has the added benefit of allowing you to include exactly what you like. Simply mix oats with your choice of wheatgerm or bran, dried fruit, such as dates, raisins and chopped apricot, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and nuts such as almonds or walnuts. Seeds and nuts are particularly good for keeping you fuller for longer, as they’re full of protein and packed with healthy fats.  Our advice is to batch prepare lots of muesli in advance.  For maximum flavour and benefit consider adding natural Yoghurt and a few fresh berries to your muesli mix.

Yoghurt, fruit and wholegrain toast
If porridge and muesli don’t appeal to you, but you like the idea of a relatively light breakfast that’s simple to make and keeps you full, try a mix of yogurt, fruit and toast. This combination is a great way to set you up for the day, provided you are careful with what you pick. A low-fat, sugar-free Greek yogurt is much healthier and more filling than a flavoured, sweetened one, for instance. Toast, meanwhile, should be wholegrain for the added bulk and nutrients the grains provide.

Cooked breakfast 
The traditional full English breakfast isn’t very healthy if it is all fried, however, a few changes in the way you prepare it can make it a filling start to the day with a high protein content that will stop you snacking until lunchtime.  Try simply baking or grilling the ingredients to reduce the fat content dramatically.  Leaving out the sausages or choosing low fat versions will make a difference or substituting the meat for smoked salmon or smoked haddock and try poaching your eggs.