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For most of us we will reach a point in our lives where we have to accept that too many time constraints will limit our natural ability to fully achieve every personal health and fitness goal.

Establishing a successful all-round balance in reality is not easy, especially if like us you aspire to help many people whilst maintaining a high level of service. This is why we have recognised the importance of embracing technology in order to deliver an effective online personal training solution which can replicate our proven results in the gym across the world.

For this sole reason, our bespoke online coaching service has been developed in great depth to ensure that every potential barrier to success is catered for. The ways in which we do this are all outlined below, but please remember that we are always happy to arrange a free video call consultation with you at any-time to answer your important queries.

Bespoke Initial Assessment

Bespoke Initial Assessment

Once signed-up an assessment will be arranged through Zoom to discuss each stated training goal, review your current fitness level and, assess your all-round flexibility in mind of any known injuries.
Personalised Exercise Plan

Personalised Exercise Plan

Building on the initial assessment outcomes your trainer will write and run you through a regularly updated bespoke program as detailed below.
Exercise Video Tutorials

Exercise Video Tutorials

In addition, to the embedded explanation links within every program your expert trainer will personally demonstrate the correct techniques on each exercise during an arranged video call.
Expert Nutrition Plan

Expert Nutrition Plan

Inclusive of full calorie and macro-nutrient guidance, our expert nutritionist will write a tailored meal plan for you that supports your goals, lifestyle and training routine.
Free Weekly Training

Free Weekly Training

As a further fitness boost you can join in each week for free with one of our online (invite only) full body conditioning sessions.
Nutrition Check-In Calls

Nutrition Check-In Calls

Each month you can redeem up-to 2 check-in calls with our expert nutritionist to discuss any specific issues and help adjust your meal plan if needed.
Regular Reviews

Regular Reviews

Every 6 weeks your trainer will review both your training program and body composition results to determine if you are on track to achieve each originally stated goal.
24/7 Support

24/7 Coaching Support

It is important to remember that you can contact your fitness coach at any-time outside of your monthly check-in calls for further training guidance and support.
Additional Resources

Additional Resources

To further support your goals you will have exclusive access to our new online resource area which houses several libraries of training videos, recipes, informative articles and much much more.
Only £120 a month*
Equivalent to £30.00 a week

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Real life changing transformations

Visit our testimonial area here to see more amazing transformations and top reviews.

Dave – Lost 47.5 lbs, 21 inches and 10.6% in body fat.

Ronnie – Lost 34.5 lbs, 32.2 inches and 5.1% in body fat.

Dan – Lost 32.2 lbs, 19.6 inches and 5.6% in body fat.

Top Reviews


Will, Chief Physician

Reviewed In Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Online personal training is very beneficial and convenient, it provides a challenge for all levels of fitness. It helps maintain high physical and mental fitness during challenging periods.


Steph, Professional Entertainer

Reviewed in Wimbledon, Surrey

Highly recommend Sean, he is a great coach, very motivating and lots of fun. The sessions are tailored to suit your goals and always deliver great results.


Gez, Global Chief Operating Officer

Reviewed In Bournemouth, Dorset

Due to long hours and travelling regularly across the world for work it’s difficult to consistently visit gyms which is why online coaching and the simplicity of the tailored routines work well for me.


Patricia, Academic Lecturer

Reviewed in Tooting, South-West London

The online sessions with Sean provide a great workout to strengthen my core and upper body, they are hard work but I’ll definitely be continuing with these.


Neil, Athletics Coach

Reviewed in Poole, Dorset

Despite being outside of the gym Sean has shown great knowledge to identify challenging, enjoyable exercises that we can still do at home to perform better in my sport (100m sprinting).


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