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Luke and Lauren

Bournemouth, Dorset

The sessions together are always fun, unique and productive which makes every hour a pleasure to go through even it does push you to your limits!

fitness trainer reviews

Lauren Graham

Merley, Dorset

I have been training now with Sean for just under 4 years and I couldn’t recommend him enough! He constantly pushes me to achieve my goals and I’m loving how strong I’m getting. He is also a fantastic physio and is my go to person for when I need advice on any aches and pains! Sean is incredibly invested in his training and I always come out of our sessions feeling really good about what I’ve accomplished.



Archway, North London

It’s the first time I’ve tried training online or HIIT but it’s definitely something I want to keep up! Full credit to Sean for finding the right balance between great exercise and banter.



Poole, Dorset

Thanks to Sean I came 1st overall out of 36 females on my army assessment which helped me win the fittest recruit award by Dame Kelly Holmes!


Stacie Shave

Bournemouth, Dorset

I signed up for 28 days of fitness because it’s early in the morning so it’s convenient it gets out the way for the rest of the day I’ve really enjoyed it because every single session is completely different and it’s really helped me to lose my mom term so if you’re like me and you need to lose a few pounds and then sign up.


Gavin Reeves

Poole, Dorset
I’d heard about Sean through love friends of mine and acknowledge apparent was unbelievable so I thought of giving it go and to his credit it’s not as you an exercise it’s been accident I’ve been coming to see Sean now for about three years and in those three years I’ve managed to lose 3% body fat it’s on old web down to 10% I mention for 118 pounds of muscle I can now plank for 10 minutes where originally it was only for a minute and a half I’ve been too nice to step ups in a minute and yesterday I managed to complete with Sean’s help the London Marathon which I was really chuffed about.
fitness trainer reviews


Bournemouth, Dorset

With Sean’s help I’ve lost my mummy tummy, toned my horrible areas and hugely increased my fitness! I genuinely feel great and have actually learnt what I should be doing and why when I’m working out.

fitness trainer reviews

Val Jeffries

Broadstone, Dorset
I feel 10 years younger!

Sean was faced with various issues when training me, my age (45) the fact that I hadn’t exercised for many years and my health condition, being fibromyalgia. Sean started at a good pace, pushing me, but at a rate I could recover from and want to return! He made each session different and worked on my body as a whole, looking at all muscle groups and my aerobic fitness. Each week the intensity increased and towards the end of my training I was achieving things I would never have dreamed I could do.

I lost weight, toned up and increased my fitness levels to a level I would not have thought possible. I still attend the gym regularly and train hard and I am in training for the Bournemouth Bay run and will be running 10K next weekend. I have gained my confidence back in my body’s ability and feel 10 years younger!!

Sean was patient and understanding, especially as my memory is not too hot any more! He has equipped with me exercises that I can use again and again and keep myself in shape and give myself a challenging but vairied workout. He also gave me valuable advise on diet and nutrition, changing the way I eat permanently.


Martin Challis

LOST 70lbs+ and 20"

I met Sean in April having started my journey in March 2012. I remember that first month being the most difficult time as I was not sure of what I was doing, and quickly getting bored of using the same machines and feeling rather self-conscious that I was doing everything wrong.
Sean offered me a consultation where my fitness level was assessed and we established my personal objectives. (Weight Loss & Muscle Endurance) I was presented with a training plan that was achievable but initially a real challenge. Over the last 18 months I have used various SB Tailored Training Plans, each one has gradually become more challenging as my fitness levels have increased. During this time I have LOST OVER 5 STONE IN BODY WEIGHT, and transformed from someone who would struggle to run 50 meters to a Tough Mudder finisher in late 2013.

Sean has been so very encouraging, incredibly patient, and supportive – he is a great guy who has helped change my life. I would recommend anyone who is feeling slightly lost at the Gym to spend an hour with him every few months to establish your goals and get some structure in your training.



Poole, Dorset

Since starting PT I have lost over 5 stone (70 lbs) in body weight and, transformed from someone who would struggle to run 50 meters to now completing a tough mudder race for fun!



Poole, Dorset

Hey guys it’s jay here I’ve just finished one assures awesome boot camps if you want high energy if you want two birds with fat if you want to get some lean muscle this is the place to come it starts at six thirty in the morning Monday Wednesday and Fridays I’ve got to tell you after every session I am buzzing all day it’s a fantastic workout Sean J and Sophie really good they take you around a circuit and it’s you know it just gets you going for the day and gets you ready and if you want to see instant inch loss over a ten week course you know you’re going to come in feeling not too good and leave feeling absolutely amazing and fantastic so I highly recommend Sean’s boot camps come and check them out there Monday Wednesday and Fridays at six thirty at the Broadstone Sports Center.

male client

Neil and Kim Smith

Both Lost 14lbs+ and 8"

We both joined the Gym in October 2016 and spent three months training on our own with no clear plan, in hindsight overdoing the cardio sessions. We realised after that period we needed guidance on our training so decided to join up with Sean for 10 weeks of personal training along with getting him to write a personalised nutritional plan for us.

Each session with Sean was never the same as every week there would be a different challenge to conquer. Sean’s approach to the sessions makes them very enjoyable and fun but at the same time week on week you are being pushed a little further, the difference in our fitness levels at the end of the 10 weeks was remarkably evident.

Overall we both lost over 1 stone (15lbs+) in weight and over 5 and 8 inches each across all of our body measurements which was an extremely pleasing result.

We would definitely recommend Sean to any other couple or individual who are looking to lose weight or start a new fitness program.