Our Mission

Mission Statement

To provide a personalised health and fitness service that unlocks every individual’s true potential so they can achieve their desired goals.

Company Values

As a multi-faceted fitness and health company which is encompassed by the talents of many diversely skilled professionals, we have sought to establish a set of mutually agreed core values to help underpin the success of our overall mission and ensuing philosophy.

It is these values which every new client will see come to life when their training journey begins, as they drive us as trainers each day to achieve the positive results that everyone we work with desires.

The 4 values behind how we work are as follows….

  • Achieve your own potential
  • Be passionate
  • Deliver quality
  • Make it enjoyable
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Company Philosophy

Because satisfactory training results are often sustained by a few, the definitive part of our mission is to change this reality by creating our own unique blueprint for everyone regardless of background to achieve and benefit from a lifetime of great health and fitness.

Often the key attribute that links every successful individual is ‘positive psychology’, which as a rule is intrinsically and extrinsically created and then preserved through inspiring, supportive environments and people.

Incidentally it is this embedded knowledge which subsequently led during the business’s original inception to the development of both our operational values and proud tag line ‘positive energy breeds success’.

As we all know the ensuing benefits of having a ‘positive mindset’ can be vast. From an exercise standpoint it most commonly harbours a willingness to absorb and implement beneficial guidance. Which in turn manifests into enhanced, more recurrent physical development and performance.

In mind of these recognised outcomes we (SB Fitness) are continually driven to keep providing a personalised service which successfully unlocks every affiliated person’s full potential. This is why as coaches foremost creating confidence and trust in our focused strategy amongst those that we work with is imperative as it underpins success for all on many varying levels.

In order to achieve this coveted buy in we strive to empower every client with truly personalised expert led exercise and nutritional solutions, which have resulted from a comprehensive assessment of body composition, bio-mechanics (movement analysis), fitness, health, lifestyle demands and importantly mindset.

We therefore replicate and tailor this personalised approach where needed across every group exercise class and personal training variant that we offer both online and in the gym.

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How We Achieve Our Philosophy

As summarised in our philosophy and mission statement we believe that the potential to achieve any desired health and fitness goal lies within each and every individual. In order to help validate this belief and draw out this ability in each person we have put together the following 3 step strategy, formulated from our many years of experience within academia and the fitness industry.

Here at the first step we aim to help everyone redefine their thought process around 3 pivotal areas of motivational psychology.

  1. Understanding What You Want To Achieve
    Sometimes the failing of most people is setting general and not specific goals, in example many of our clients initially state that their ‘goal is to lose weight’. This in itself can be an issue as having such a broad goal makes it harder for a committed person to conclusively achieve their desired outcomes, as there is no measurable end figure to assess what your aiming for and whether you are on course to be successful.

    In knowledge of this we always set every client Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound (S.M.A.R.T) goals.

    We also ensure that measurable goal driven targets are put in place alongside a structured progress tracking system for the overall (macro) training cycle set by us and, for the quarters and individual weeks that fit into this. Naturally once every client has achieved each primary and secondary goal in example ‘lose 40 pounds in weight over 24 weeks’, we repeat this same process again in order to help them attain their next identified targets.

  2. Your Thoughts On How To Get There
    There are generally 2 schools of thought here:
    For most it sometimes seems a lot harder than it actually is to achieve their goals, so the common psychological reaction is to procrastinate by putting invisible barriers in the way of any potential achievement. However, it is only when these individuals begin their fitness journeys that they soon realise you can be successful with a sometimes-lower amount of effort than was first perceived.

    Therefore, as a way to truly assess the existing thought process around each client’s current health and fitness practices we always initially ask the following questions.

    1. What recorded results have you achieved whilst following your current routine? 
    2. What could you achieve with a more structured approach to your health and fitness activities?
  3. How Much You Want It
    It might sound simple but one of the greatest ways for anyone to uphold a positive mind-set is to revert back to the beginning of their journey and ask themselves the simple question ‘why do you want to be healthy and fit?’.

    Often as the responses to this query are considered numerous intrinsic and extrinsic motivations will be organically provoked in a person’s conscience mind. Which is why at this juncture we advocate for every client to additionally define an answer to these importantly linked questions.

    1. What is driving you to now change the way you exercise?
    2. What would achieving your goals mean to you?
    3. What would/did make you stop training in the past and how do we overcome these barriers going forward?Once a detailed response to each query has been privately written for us, we as approved trainers can then look to implement the appropriate solutions and support to help retain each client’s increased desire for exercise and healthy living.

‘Six packs are made in the kitchen not the gym’, just one example of a favourite quote that we often recycle in conversation with clients. It is very true though what you eat is more important than your output during any type of exercise when it comes to losing body fat. This is why it’s crucially important to establish an effective nutritional routine at the very beginning of every new training programme.

In recognition of this we always empower every client straight away to make correct nutrition choices in line with their pre-determined goals. We achieve this by evaluating each person’s body composition, current eating habits and lifestyle demands to provide guidance and a bespoke overview of their daily calorie and macronutrient intake needs.

This exploration within every 10-week assessment session alongside the completion of our detailed online questionnaire ultimately results in the creation of a bespoke nutrition plan, which clients can opt-in for as an additional resource to help achieve their goals. However, we do acknowledge that just having a plan to follow for many people does not guarantee eating well.

Conscience of this we additionally offer a unique coaching service to supplement clients with further more personalised nutrition support. When this expertise is called upon, our afforded nutritionist will provide specific guidance either on-line or off-line to help firstly motivate and secondly better align each individual’s food choices alongside their requirements each day.

It is imperative that everyone maximises the time they spend exercising to help guarantee optimal results from the commitment put into achieving each calculated goal. In order for this to be effectively accomplished every training session has to present a measurable, progressive physical challenge in respect of the undertaken cardiovascular or resistance-based exercises.

Twinned with completing relatively unchallenging sessions most also fail in their fitness attempts by not adhering to a weekly, monthly or even quarterly training structure in regards to exercise selection and programme length. Unsurprisingly most who fall into this category are also more likely to overlook the importance of regularly monitoring their bodies adaptation to training, in respect of performance results and physical changes.

To counter against any of these common training pitfalls we provide every client with a customised, fully accessible exercise programme complete with built in formulas to track training fatigue and overall progress against each short and long-term goal. The background information which is utilised to put this all together is collated during a thorough consultation which reviews biomechanics (movement), flexibility, general fitness and the carried over effects of previous injury.

It is from this evaluative process that we can truly action our philosophy to nurture every person’s current ability whilst guiding them towards realising their true fitness potential.

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Please note that is not compulsory to be a member of the Junction gym in Broadstone or the Lifewise gym in Bournemouth to train with us. Unfortunately, our taster session booking options are not open to existing or previous SB Fitness clients irrespective of any training preference changes. Only 1 appointment can be made at any-time.