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Partner Personal Training


As exercise research validates sharing your experiences and having a greater level of accountability is a highly effective way to keep your fitness training on track.

If you don’t believe us then why not give training with a friend, family member or partner a go by booking in for a free taster session in the right hand panel.

Please keep reading on below for further information about all of the ways that we can help you successfully achieve both your short and long-term goals.

Partner Training Review

Bespoke First Review

To ensure that your training is fully personalised we always go through a full injury screen and thorough review of your biomechanics (movement), cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and muscular strength in your first session with us.
personal training personalised

Personalised Exercise Plan

Building on the initial review findings we will email you a regularly updated exercise plan to follow alongside your personal training sessions with us.
Partner training strength

Innovative Strength Tracking

To counter against any common training pitfalls we always provide personalised strength and conditioning programmes inclusive of archived results, fatigue management tracking functions and built in formulas to highlight in-session lifting targets.
personal training fitness

24/7 Body Composition & Fitness Support

To ensure that you never lose sight of your current training goals you can exclusively review your private body composition, calorie and fitness targets online at any-time.
Partner Training Nutrition

Free Nutrition Guidance

So that we can help you stay focused when striving to achieve your current training goals you can privately review your body composition, calorie and fitness targets online at any-time.
small group training regular reviews

Regular Reviews

In addition, to every body composition check-in halfway through each training phase we will always re-review your full health and fitness assessments every 10 weeks to determine if you have achieved your agreed goals.



Lifewise Gym
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The Junction
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£25.00 Each


Need more information?

Talk to a helpful member of our team on 01202 282 726
partner personal training


Our team of dedicated trainers will always devise an effective strategy to help anyone achieve any training goal from the specific to the obscure! As you will go onto read below, we can successfully support you in the following areas.

  • Weight Management Training (For Inch Loss, Gain or Maintenance)
  • Personalised Resistance Training (For Muscular Tone, Strength or Size)
  • Accredited Weightlifting Coaching (For Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting Improvement)
  • Speed and Agility Training (For Sport Specific Development)
  • Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA Coaching (Also Delivered as Small Group Training Sessions)
  • Pre and Post Natal Exercise Training (Available Across All 3 Trimesters)
  • Young Adult / Child Strength and Conditioning (For All Ages Below 18 Years Old)

Real Life Changing Transformations

Visit our testimonial area here to see more amazing transformations.

partner personal training
Dave – Lost 127.6 lbs, 41 inches and 32% body fat.

partner personal training
Ronnie – Lost 34.5 lbs, 32.2 inches and 5.1% body fat.

Personal Training Testimonial

David – Lost 47.5 lbs, 21 inches and 10.6% body fat.

partner personal training
Dan – Lost 32.2 lbs, 19.6 inches and 5.6% body fat.

Top Reviews

partner training review one

Neil and Kim

Reviewed in Poole, Dorset

Overall, in just a few months we both lost over 1 stone in weight and 5 and 8 inches each across all of our body measurements which was an extremely pleasing result.

partner training review

Luke and Lauren

Reviewed in Bournemouth, Dorset

The sessions together are always fun, unique and productive which makes every hour a pleasure to go through even it does push you to your limits!


Neil and Will

Reviewed in Poole, Dorset

Sean always shows a great knowledge to identify challenging, enjoyable exercises that help us perform better in our sports (100m sprinting and weightlifting), the difference in performance is very noticeable.


Karen and Lynda

Reviewed in Poole, Dorset

We would definitely recommend Sean to anyone like us who is looking to lose weight and keep improving their fitness over the age of 50.


Anthony and Pierre

Reviewed in Poole, Dorset

I really enjoy my weekly strength and conditioning sessions and I have found that training alongside Pierre definitely pushes me more to keep getting fitter and stronger.



Reviewed in Bournemouth, Dorset

Sean always creates a fun, high energy atmosphere in every partner or group PT session. Training with others really helps me stay motivated and push myself to get the most out of every hour.


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*Please note that is not compulsory to be a member of the Junction gym in Broadstone or the Lifewise gym in Bournemouth to train with us. In addition, our taster session booking options are not open to existing or previous SB Fitness clients irrespective of any training preference changes. Only 1 appointment can be made at any-time.

WorldPay Subscriptions
**Once your subscription with us is set-up you will automatically be entered into a reoccurring (Future Pay) agreement with Worldpay. Further details about this and how to manage any potential payment issues can be found here.

Please note that your login credentials for the Worldpay Shopper Management system are the same as your online account with us. If required in the future, this online area will allow you to update your payment card details and contact addresses at any time.