Bespoke Nutrition Programmes

The greatest wealth is good health.

As we all know sustaining positive body composition and fitness training results is one of the hardest challenges that we as health conscious individuals face. Our physical endeavours each week can take us a long way down the transformation path, but to truly accomplish every personal goal a structured nutritional routine has to co-exist alongside our exercise preferences.

“OUR goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe in, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success” (PABLO PICASSO).

In theory, selecting a healthy over non healthy food to eat seems like a straightforward task. However, just making these simple day-to-day choices is unfortunately not always enough to achieve every set target.

Conscious of this we regularly review all of our nutrition strategies to ensure that our coaching guidance which accompanies every plan that we put together is truly bespoke, educational and most importantly full-fills every original expectation. For further information about how we do this please keep reading on below.

Free Initial Assessment

Fully Bespoke Nutrition Plan

With personalised meal by meal calorie and macro targets set alongside our specific food and hydration guidance, all of our purchased plans are carefully designed to complement both your lifestyle and training goals.
Regular Check in Calls

Regular Check in Calls

Either every week (premium plan) or month (standard plan) your expert nutritionist will check-in with you via a phone or video call to answer any queries, uphold your motivation and help adjust your meal plan if needed.
Initial Assessment Call

Initial Assessment Call

Before getting started your assigned nutritionist will arrange a complementary phone call with you to discuss your current eating habits, goals and potential lifestyle barriers in greater depth.
Expert Calorie Tracking

Expert Calorie Tracking

When you start we will teach you how to set-up, use and link your 'my fitness pal' account to ours so that you can effectively track your daily calories, macro-nutrients and overall weekly / monthly progress.
Full Progress Assessment

Full Progress Assessment

Within both package options our assigned nutritionist will always arrange before and after meetings with you either side of issuing every new plan to discuss your progress, record your measurements and take progress pictures.
24/7 Remote Support

24 / 7 Remote Support

In addition, to your weekly or monthly check-in call you will automatically have the freedom to message your nutritionist at any-time for further guidance and support.
Nutrition Mindfulness Guidance

Mindfulness Guidance

(Premium Package Only)
To help you better understand your own motivational psychology and achieve even greater all round results, our expert nutritionists will help you master some very effective mindfulness training techniques.
Additional Nutrition Resources

Additional Resources

(Premium Package Only)
For further support you will have unique access to many additional resources and our private online members area, which houses several libraries of recipes, related articles and videos.
12 Week Standard Plan
Only £65 p/m

12 Week Premium Plan
Only £85 p/m

1 Nutrition Coaching Session
30-45 Minutes

Need more information?

Talk to a helpful member of our team on 01202 282 726
Nutrition Plan

How our nutrition plans work

Step 1 – Once your plan is purchased we will send you a link to fill in our nutrition assessment questionnaire on your computer or phone.

Step 2 – After submitting this a second follow-up email will be sent over which contains a link to our online 7-day food diary which we recommend is completed in full.

Step 3 – Upon receipt of this diary your assigned nutritionist will arrange an initial assessment call with you to discuss your current eating habits, goals and potential lifestyle barriers in greater depth.

Step 4 – Following on from this detailed conversation your bespoke plan will be written and sent over electronically. An already confirmed check in call will then take place to run you through how everything works and go over any related queries.

Step 5 – After your before pictures are taken you would then start following the new plan in mind of the expert coaching advice that our nutritionist has given you.

Step 6 – During the lifespan of each programme your nutritionist will contact you regularly (weekly or monthly) depending on your package subscription, to provide further support and ensure that you are on track to achieve your predetermined goals.

Blueberry porridge


Through our nutrition coaching services we aim to take you on an educational journey of discovery which we hope will inspire you to make positive lifelong changes to both your exercise training and lifestyle habits.

To achieve this our programmes are carefully designed to help you develop a greater understanding of yourself, as we hope this will ultimately change your behaviour around food. Especially the food and drink choices that you make when out away from home inclusive of your weekly supermarket shopping.

Meet Our Nutrition Team

Hannah Shield
SB Fitness Nutrition Coach

Shaun Ward
SB Fitness Nutrition Coach

SB Fitness Bronze+ Membership
By joining us as a bronze member you can benefit from the following nutrition support…

  • 24/7 access to our comprehensive nutrition article library
  • The ability to download 100’s of regularly updated recipes
  • Multiple discounts with our local food and drink partners
  • Build up loyalty and referral points to spend on additional bespoke resources

For further information please click here.

Real life changing transformations

Visit our testimonial area here to see more amazing transformations and top reviews.

Dave – Lost 47.5 lbs, 21 inches and 10.6% in body fat.

Ronnie – Lost 34.5 lbs, 32.2 inches and 5.1% in body fat.

Dan – Lost 32.2 lbs, 19.6 inches and 5.6% in body fat.

Top Reviews



Reviewed in Poole, Dorset

The nutrition coaching with Shaun has definitely given me the focus that I need to stay on track with eating healthily and losing weight and I would really recommend it to anyone.



Reviewed in Bournemouth, Dorset

Working with Hannah has definitely given me the focus that I need to stay on track with eating healthily on a consistent basis and so far, it’s working as I’ve already gone down nearly 2 trouser sizes!

WorldPay Subscriptions
Once your subscription with us is set-up you will automatically be entered into a reoccurring (Future Pay) agreement with Worldpay. Further details about this and how to manage any potential payment issues can be found here.

Please note that your login credentials for the Worldpay Shopper Management system are the same as your online account with us. If required in the future, this online area will allow you to update your payment card details and contact addresses at any time.