1-1 Personal Training

Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.

At regular points in our lifelong exercise continuum we will often find a format of training that best fits our goals and routine at that specific moment in time. The duration of each training period may of course last months, years or even decades. However, irrespective of every windows longevity one trait typically stays consistent. Our renewed or sustained focus towards exercise at the time is usually heightened by evidence of positive and recurring physical development.

This of course is a natural training outcome for most but unfortunately there are individual variables to the rule. In these instances it is common to find that many individuals will often cite a lack of clear guidance behind their stagnant progress. As it has been proven everyone absorbs new information in different ways and then utilise it at varying speeds, which is why some require a greater level of personalised 1-1 exercise coaching.

This training format is often the first choice of people with specific psychological or social preferences and, for those that are looking to achieve individual goals often inclusive of vast body composition changes, learning advanced resistance training techniques and overcoming an existing or previous injury.

Knowledgeable of the above facts our expert team are always excited and passionate to work with any individual regardless of age, background or fitness ability who is committed to achieving their desired goals.

In addition, to the personalised coaching benefits 1-1 training with us also incorporates many more great features as you will go onto read about below.

personal training bespoke first fitness review

Bespoke First Review

To ensure that your future training is fully personalised we always complete a full injury screen and thorough review of your biomechanics (movement), cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and muscular strength in your first session.
personal training personalised exercise plan

Personalised Exercise Plan

Building on the initial review findings we will then email you a suitable exercise plan to follow alongside your personal training sessions with us.
Complementary Programs

Free Nutrition Guidance

Outside of following a separately purchased nutrition plan from us, your trainer will send you a general information guide, a link to complete our online food diary and arrange 24/7 access to a training log which highlights your current calorie and macro requirements.
personal training regular progress reviews

Regular Progress Reviews

In addition, to every body composition check-in halfway through each training phase we will always re-review your full health and fitness assessments every 10 weeks to determine if you have achieved your agreed goals.
Personal training Innovative Strength Tracking

Innovative Strength Training

To counter against any common training pitfalls we always provide personalised strength and conditioning programmes inclusive of archived results, fatigue management tracking functions and built in formulas to highlight in-session lifting targets.
personal training 24 7 body composition fitness support

24/7 Body Composition and Fitness Support

So that we can help you stay focused when striving to achieve your current training goals you can privately review your body composition and fitness targets online at any-time.

We deliver our sessions in the following locations


Lifewise Gym
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The Junction
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1 Training session

4 Training sessions
£130.00 £140 per month**

8 Training sessions
£260.00 per month**

12 Training sessions
£390.00 per month**

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Training Goals
1-1 personal training
One to One Personal Training


Our dedicated team will always draw on their extensive experience to devise an effective strategy to help anyone achieve any goal from the specific to the obscure. As you will go onto read below, we can successfully support you in the following training areas.

  • Weight Management Training (For Inch Loss, Gain or Maintenance)
  • Personalised Resistance Training (For Muscular Tone, Strength or Size)
  • Guided Illness / Injury Rehabilitation (For All Acute to Chronic Issues)
  • Accredited Weightlifting Coaching (For Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting Improvement)
  • Speed and Agility Training (For Sport Specific Development)
  • Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA Coaching (Also Delivered as Partner and Small Group Sessions)
  • Pre and Post Natal Exercise Training (Available Across All 3 Trimesters)
  • Young Adult / Child Strength and Conditioning (For All Ages Below 18 Years Old)

Real Life Changing Transformations

Visit our testimonial area here to see more amazing transformations and top reviews.

1-1 personal training
Dave – Lost 127.6 lbs, 41 inches and 32% body fat.

1-1 personal training
Ronnie – Lost 34.5 lbs, 32.2 inches and 5.1% body fat.

Personal Training Testimonial
David – Lost 47.5 lbs, 21 inches and 10.6% body fat.

1-1 personal training
Dan – Lost 32.2 lbs, 19.6 inches and 5.6% body fat.

Top Reviews

Personal Trainer Review Martin


Reviewed in Poole, Dorset

Since starting PT I have lost over 5 stone (70 lbs) in body weight and, transformed from someone who would struggle to run 50 meters to now completing a tough mudder race for fun!

Personal Trainer Review Karen


Reviewed in Poole, Dorset

As a retired Olympic athlete on maternity leave, I have lost 14lbs in weight and my fitness is back to what it was when I was a full-time athlete. I would certainly recommend Sean to anyone.

Personal Trainer Review Liam


Reviewed in Bournemouth, Dorset

After 10 weeks of strength training my weakest lift the bench press went up by 35kg for 8 reps and I gained almost a stone in lean muscle mass!

Personal Trainer Review Molly


Reviewed in Poole, Dorset

Thanks to Sean I came 1st overall out of 36 females on my army assessment which helped me win the fittest recruit award by Dame Kelly Holmes!

Personal Trainer Review Eddy-Rimmer


Reviewed in Poole, Dorset

To date I have lost 42 pounds and seen my waist reduce by 7 and a half inches! What is great is that I’m still set new and different training targets to keep me motivated.

Personal Trainer Review Emma


Reviewed in Bournemouth, Dorset

With Sean’s help I’ve lost my mummy tummy, toned my horrible areas and hugely increased my fitness! I genuinely feel great and have actually learnt what I should be doing and why when I’m working out.


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*Please note that is not compulsory to be a member of the Junction gym in Broadstone or the Lifewise gym in Bournemouth to train with us. In addition, our taster session booking options are not open to existing or previous SB Fitness clients irrespective of any training preference changes. Only 1 appointment can be made at any-time.

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