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The first wealth is good health.

Making healthy nutrition choices every day is essential if you want to change your body composition and benefit from great health, strength and performance. However, as we regularly see the difficulty for many isn’t understanding the importance of good nutrition, more often the biggest issue is learning how to overcome the obstacles which threaten to throw a successful journey off track.

Staying true to your nutrition goals when faced with theseregular obstacles naturally requires both motivation and at times professional guidance in the instances where an effective solution is unclear. In mind of this knowledge we have set-up a 1-1 nutrition coaching service which principally aims to keep everyone on the right path of achievement all year round.

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Our nutrition coaching package will help you learn how to balance your meals to achieve your goals, with the support it takes to be successful.

Free Initial Assessment

Free Bespoke Nutrition Plan (Premium Only)

Benefit greatly from a tailored 10 week nutrition plan normally bought at £50 which fits in with your lifestyle and training to help you fully achieve your goals.
Weekly Check-In Call

Weekly Check-In Call

Every 7 days your coach will check-in with you through a non time-bound call to answer any queries, uphold your motivation and help adjust your meal plan if needed.
24/7 Remote Support

Full Progress Assessment (Premium Only)

For all premium clients our nutritionist can arrange face to face before and after meetings, measurements and photo's with you to further track your results.
Expert Calorie Tracking

Expert Calorie Tracking

Learn how to set up, use and link your 'my fitness pal' account to effectively track your daily calories, macro-nutrients and overall weekly / monthly progress.
24/7 Remote Support

24/7 Remote Support

In addition to your weekly check-in call you will automatically have the freedom to message your coach at any-time for further nutrition guidance and tips.
Expert Calorie Tracking

Initial Assessment Call

Before getting started our expert nutritionist will arrange a complementary discussion to review your current nutrition habits and potential lifestyle barriers.
1 Month Standard Coaching
Only £25* per month
(Equivalent to £5.75 per week)

3 Months Premium Coaching Package
Only £100* per 3 months
(Equivalent to £7.70 per week)
*Recurring payment via WorldPay

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Talk to a helpful member of our team on 01202 282 726
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How we can help with your health goals

Paul Andrews Nutrition CoachingMeet Our Nutritionist

Paul Andrews
SB Fitness specialist nutrition coach

SB Fitness Membership
By joining us as a bronze member you can benefit from the following nutrition support…

  • 24/7 access to our comprehensive nutrition article library
  • 100’s of regularly updated downloadable recipes
  • Multiple discounts with our local food and drink partners
  • Loyalty and referral points towards purchasing further bespoke resources

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SB Fitness Free Article Library
For free nutrition articles and recipes, view our article library SB Fitness Nutrition.

Important Information

*WorldPay Recurring Payment (FuturePay)
Recurring Payment (FuturePay) agreements are online arrangements similar to Standing Orders and Direct Debits, but funds can also be debited from your debit or credit card. You are able to end the agreement with WorldPay at any point via your online account.