Boxing Circuits

Sweat yourself into shape.

Every Saturday: 7.15am – 8.00am @The Junction, BH18 8AX.

Despite being our longest running class the popularity of Boxing Circuits still continues to grow year on year. With its huge calorie burning potential, muscle toning benefits and a guarantee that every session is always unique, this addictive 45-minute weekly punch out will definitely provide the extra training boost that you have been looking for.

Please note that all non-members at the Junction will be asked by the sports centre’s main reception team on arrival to pay a small non-refundable charge of £1.50 for use of the changing room and gym facilities.

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Talk to a helpful member of our team on 01202 282 726
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Irrespective of your current fitness level our dedicated trainers will always devise an adaptable session plan to ensure that everyone can always take part in each class. After discovering this for yourself, you will hopefully go onto join the many others as a regular Boxing Circuits attendee and benefit in the following ways…

  • The huge calorie burning potential is highly effective for losing body fat.
  • Boxing is a fun way to boost your cardiovascular fitness and general health.
  • Our circuits provide many unique ways to improve your full body muscle tone.
  • This format of training is a great stress relief!
  • The sessions help to improve your balance, hand-eye co-ordination and reaction time.
  • Training in a group is proven to boost motivation and increase confidence.


When does it take place? Every Saturday from 7:15 am to 8:00 am.

Where is it held? Each class is held in the main fitness studio at ‘The Junction Sports and Leisure Centre, Broadstone, BH18 8AX’. If required, a member of staff at reception will be able to pass on directions to the appropriate changing room and studio when you arrive.

Can anyone join in? Yes, every class is open to everyone of all ages and fitness abilities.

Do I need to bring my own equipment? No, we always provide a mixture of Boxing and MMA gloves in various sizes alongside plenty of punching mitts. However, wrist wraps would need to be sourced by yourself but these aren’t compulsory.

Parking: At this time of the day free parking with up-to 100 potential bays is available around the leisure centre.

Please note that individuals under the age of 16 do require parental permission to attend.

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All SB Fitness Members

Alongside many other benefits you can attend Boxing Circuits for free at any-time as one of our Silver Members or redeem one complementary session a month with a £5 Bronze Membership Subscription.

Real Life Changing Transformations

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Poole, Dorset

Boxing Circuits is great as every session is always fun and different each time, I always recommend it to everyone I know.

Trevor fitness client

Trevor and Sonia

Poole, Dorset

Saturday mornings Boxing Circuits class makes for a great start to the weekend. It’s fun, always different and an extremely good workout.


Poole, Dorset

The positive energy and never-ending enthusiasm make these boxing sessions some of the best I have ever come across, they are ‘feel good’ sessions.


Poole, Dorset

Each session is different from the next so I never get the ‘repetitive boredom’ factor, it is by far one of the best Boxing classes I have ever been to as it’s always challenging, fun and energising!

personal training testimonial


Poole, Dorset

I would absolutely recommend this class; it’s fun, you train with a very friendly group of people and it really gets results!