Intensify your workouts to get results

If your idea of a diet is not eating, think again.

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Many who train but have no idea how important effort (or intensity) is when training.  It’s time to rethink or refresh how you approach your exercise effort.

With more research showing we need to walk for around an hour a day to prevent weight gain, there is now a case for putting more effort into your workouts.

It’s time to get more results for the same time investment and feel good about putting in a little extra effort. Here’s how it works:

Level 1  –  Health Movement

Effort level: Very light > Light

Reduce sitting time and sedentary behaviour by doing more light activity like comfortable walking. This will enhance your cardiovascular health and boost your wellbeing. Get up from your computer now and write the word ‘ZOOM’ with your backside. That’s Level 1 and we all need to move more in our day. The key here is avoiding being sedentary.

Level 2  –  Calorie Exercise

Effort level: Moderate > Comfortably Challenging

Put in a little more effort at a Moderate to Comfortably Challenging level (for example, a brisk walk or jog that you can feel, but that you can keep doing for up to an hour or more at the same pace) and you start burning calories at a rate that will help you get into shape. But if this is the most effort you put in, you may be missing out on the automatic metabolic bonuses that result from boosting your effort a little more. If you are sedentary, have a sedentary job or have been sedentary for some time, you will need to schedule Metabolic Workouts.

Level 3 – Metabolic Fitness

Effort level:  Hard > Very Hard

Okay, so it may feel Hard and you may not be able to keep up the pace for long, but spending just a few minutes exercising at this higher effort level pays off. Personal Trainers are great to help you here as they can push you, knowing the amazing benefits.

With metabolic fitness workouts not only do you burn energy at a faster rate, you also trigger a range of metabolic benefits not available at lower Effort Scores.

Bonus 1 = Increased fitness so you will find it easier to exercise at any intensity. This means you can burn more calories for the same 20 minute workout when you are pressed for time.

Bonus 2 = Muscle growth and toning in response to increased stimulation of working muscles. Each kilogram of muscle you keep on your body burns 10 calories automatically every day. Just 3kg of muscle makes a 1.5kg body fat difference in a year.

Bonus 3 = Elevated mitochondrial activity in your cells. Mitochondria are the microscopic metabolic furnaces that to keep burning energy, even after you’ve stopped moving. Sedentary life causes mitochondrial decay – metabolic fitness workouts are the antidote for this.

So, the next time you exercise consider putting in a little more effort. The results are worth it and may be what is needed to trigger results or break through a plateau.

We all need more metabolic fitness workouts. When’s your next one? Surprise yourself at what you can do!