I want to get fit, but where do I start?

If you have the desire to get fitter but you don’t quite know where to start then we can help.

i want to get fit

Life is so busy for many of us that we find it very difficult to squeeze in enough time exercise.  We all want to know that the time we set aside for exercising is used as efficiently as possible.  There are many conflicting arguments about the best way to get fit , tone up,  lose weight and improve your cardio-vascular fitness.  How do you find your way through all the conflicting arguments and advice to find the right approach for you?

Is it time for a personalised approach?

We are all different and our fitness routine should reflect that.  We are all starting from different levels of fitness and we all have different motivators and goals.  That is why a more personalised approach works best particularly when you are embarking on a new fitness routine.

We would always recommend that you start off a new training routine under the guidance of a qualified fitness instructor who will be able to help you to maximise you training time so that you get the most benefit.  Personal trainers or fitness coaches are trained to take in to account your current fitness levels, your diet and any medical conditions that you might have when devising a training routine that works for you.

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with a qualified fitness coach.

  •  Instructors can help you to put some structure and routine around your exercise which will make you more likely to continue long-term .
  • A good fitness coach will help you to identify realistic, attainable goals that will keep you on track.
  • Instructors can help you to identify how far to push yourself and when to stop.
  • They can help you to do the right warm-ups and stretches to that you feel good the next day and you are more likely to persevere with your new routine.
  • Personal trainers can also advise you on the right nutrition to support your new training routine.

So if you have got this far and you are reading this, you have the motivation now give yourself the best chance of succeeding!