13 Practical Tips to Get Fit for Your Wedding Day

“Oh My God, I’m Getting Married!”


One phrase that makes any bride-to-be both excited and incredibly nervous. between choosing a venue, deciding on the theme, trying on gowns and sampling menus, that little nagging voice in your head will at some point come out to play and reminds you that it may be a good idea to get fit or even lose some inches for the wedding.

Sound familiar? If you are looking for simple (and proven) tips to get fitter for your wedding, you are in luck! Here at SB Fitness we have reviewed and annotated the following list of practical tips from WeLoveHoneymoons.com to give you some easy to use suggestions to look great for your Big Day this year.

1. Aim for the long term

Yes, it is tempting to look for a quick fix but unfortunately that’s not the way to go. Simply put there are no gimmicks and easy solutions. What you need to do is create the basis for a healthy lifestyle, which includes proper nutrition and exercise. Having a wedding date set is a very good motivator, but remember you are aiming to stay fit for your honeymoon on the beach and for every anniversary you’ll be celebrating with your husband moving forward.

2. Set realistic goals

Realistically the average weight loss – as a result of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle – is about 1lb (0.5kg) per week. Once you start changing your diet and adding exercise, you need to be aware that you are likely to lose more weight at a faster rate at first, but it will slow down over time.

It is also better to keep track of the inches lost off your body rather than weight (which can fluctuate daily). For this reason, it is more advised to focus on reducing your dress size instead of your weight on the scales.

3. Use technology to your advantage

There are tons of weight loss apps, train for 5k programs and fitness trackers available. While studies show that wearing a fitness tracker doesn’t actually help with weight loss, they can certainly help a lot with keeping you motivated. Take part in challenges, set manageable goals, and use them for enjoyment. Oh, and did you know that the simple fact of logging your food helps you lose twice as much weight? If you are looking for sites to log your food, both SparkPeople and LoseIt are free to use, have mobile apps and great communities for support and motivation.

4. Have a plan

Having a plan will help you stay motivated and achieve your long-term desired results. Take some time over the weekend to put together your meal plan for the week alongside your workout schedule. Then add the workouts to your calendar and treat them just like any meeting you have to attend. Extra tip: Never go food shopping hungry and without a list.

5. Start an Instagram account to highlight your journey

It’s pretty common nowadays to find a lot of motivation on Instagram from people who are doing the exact same thing as you do. Keep in mind that photos may be (and usually are), staged so you will be tempted to do the same. But it’s a nice way to keep yourself accountable, especially if you appreciate the external motivation. Hashtag #GettingFitForWedding.

If you don’t fancy the public attention, at the very least keep a private journal and take regular photos (every 4-5 weeks) to stay motivated. These are extremely useful when you hit a plateau and feel like giving up, or if you have fallen off the wagon and need to get back on track.

6. Use exercise to fight stress

The time between getting engaged and your wedding day is probably the most stressful. You will need to get well acquainted with your soon to be mother-in-law, your quirks, her quirks and so on. With a million things to think about, use exercise not only to look fab on your Big Day, but also to help fight stress. Put your headphones on, blast your favorite music and hit the gym. Or take that class you always wanted to attend (view our class list here).

7. Do what works for youclasses/

When it comes to choosing a workout, the key is to actually enjoy what you do. Spinning classes may burn a lot of calories but if you hate spinning, you probably will make excuses and be likely to miss out on the classes you have signed up for. If you like to walk, you can lace up and start with interval walking and then move on to jogging, whether outside or at a gym.

In example Katie (SB Fitness client) never liked gyms so she decided to do personal training ahead of her wedding back in 2014, now many years on she attends Invincible bootcamp and follows one of our programs in the gym every week.

To find your own results driven, enjoyable wedding workout book a strategy call with an SB trainer now just by clicking here.

8. Tailor your workout to the style of your wedding

If you are planning to wear a spaghetti strap dress, then in the build-up to the wedding we would recommend focusing on arm and back workouts alongside cardio (in various forms). If you prefer a corset, you don’t really want to worry about abs workouts, as the corset will shape you. But, you shouldn’t skimp on cardio. If you go for a bum-hugging dress, then you need to pay attention to your lower body. Choose your dress based on your best assets and just make sure to keep doing your set exercise program.

9. Seek professional advice

There are tons of articles out there about getting fit and losing weight for your wedding, but to make sure you do this the healthy way, you should consider talking to a nutritionist and hiring a personal trainer. At SB Fitness we have years of experience helping brides and grooms get their training and nutrition routines set-up ahead of the Big Day.

Laura, 28 had a personalised nutrition plan and recently did personal training with us 6 months out from her wedding day and actually got told to stop losing weight! To find out more about booking a free PT taster session with us click here.

10. Get a buddy

If your significant other isn’t interested and you don’t have a four-legged friend to take walks with either, enlist the help of your girlfriends. Chances are, at least one of them will want to get fit as well and you two can buddy up. Having someone else (in addition to yourself) for accountability will help a lot. Remember we offer free PT taster sessions for groups of 2-5 people as well, click here for group training.

11. Don’t forget to rest

Remember that sleep is very important and a lack of it can actually hinder weight loss. When you are cranky and sleep deprived, you are more likely to consume the not-so-healthy foods for an energy boost. So, resolve to sticking with a consistent sleep schedule and aim to get 7-8 hours of a night.

12. Make water your fitness best friend

Drinking enough water throughout the day not only keeps you hydrated and looking great, but it also prevents over-eating. Get an easy to carry water bottle and make sure it’s always full and within easy reach.

It is also a good tip to snack on water-rich fruits and veggies, such as cucumber, celery, radishes, green peppers, strawberries, grapefruit, cantaloupe and watermelon.

13. Cook from scratch and master some fail-proof recipes

Whether you decide to make healthier versions of your favorite dishes or want to experiment with new ideas, make sure you have easy and fail-proof recipes up your sleeve. During the summer, swap between a tuna salad and a classic Greek salad, both of which can be easily made at home. For the cold season, lentils and beans soup can be very filling, yet healthy. Mastering the art of cooking from scratch is not that hard, especially if you learn some practical tips to use in the kitchen. To access some delicious easy to-make free recipes just click here.

We very much hope that the 13 recommended tips above help to set you on the right path towards being in top shape for your wedding day.

As mentioned throughout this article you can book a free personal training taster session or strategy call with us at any-time just by clicking on your preferred hyperlink.

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Sean Burgess