Bespoke Fitness Programmes

For in the gym, home or outdoors.

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As experienced trainers we often hear stories of individuals who have followed generic online exercise programs and achieved little to no results due to the un-personalised nature of their plan.

This is why we believe that creating an exercise program should always be a tailored service where the trainer regularly monitors progress and initially assesses important individualised areas in each person inclusive of body composition, current fitness level, injuries and lifestyle commitments.

With the above in mind please carry on reading below for more information about how your bespoke exercise program with us will be set-up, written and delivered.

Initial Goal Assessment

Initial Goal Assessment

Once your program has been purchased a face to face or phone call assessment will be arranged to thoroughly discuss your goals, general fitness level and previous injury history.
1 Free PT Session

1 Free PT Session

In addition, to the embedded exercise explanation video links within every plan you can also take up the option of 1 Free online or in person PT session (60 minutes) to go through the correct techniques on every exercise.
Complementary Programs

Complimentary Programmes

To complement your main training goal every plan which we write for you will be accompanied by prescribed HIIT routines where needed, alongside bespoke rehab guidance for flexibility development.
24 / 7 Support

24/7 Support

After your trainer runs you through a detailed breakdown of each new program you will be able to contact them at any-time with a related query to obtain some free expert advice.
Up-to 10 Week Bespoke Plan

+ Free

  • 1-1 PT SESSION
  • 24/7 SUPPORT
10 Week Exercise Plan
Only £60
Equivalent to £6.00 a week

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