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Lose those last few stubborn inches?

Build more muscle mass?

Stay energetic in general life, training or sport?

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If any of these scenario’s sound familiar or if you have another goal not mentioned above which you are currently struggling to achieve then there could be a common link, ‘the food you eat each day’.

As experienced trainers who have worked with individuals and groups in both the fitness and strength and conditioning industries for a number of years now, we have witnessed first-hand the achievements that committed exercisers attain from working with a set of clear goals embedded into a personalised nutrition and training program.

In the field of nutrition especially we often hear stories from individuals who have followed generic online diets which promise so much but deliver so little. There are many reasons why this is, but no issue is more paramount than the fact that each recommend nutritional routine isn’t personalised to the people that will be following it.

Let’s face it as a 5”10 male looking to lose weight you wouldn’t expect to follow the same plan as a 6”2 male looking to increase muscle mass. Which is why factors such as current activity level, injuries, illnesses, body composition (age, height, weight), lifestyle, family and work commitments all need to be considered.

After a full consultation, which assesses all of these areas and more in further depth we can guarantee that our personalised nutritional programs will successfully deliver results for you no matter what your training goal is.

“After receiving all of the advice from Sean to go with my new nutrition plan, my focus on what I was eating and the type of exercise I was doing has never been greater. Straight away I have felt less fatigued, more energetic and my clothes fit better. Without question getting a personal plan is something I would recommend to anyone who is serious about starting a new healthy eating and fitness regime”. Victoria, 28, Graphic Designer.

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Sean Burgess (MSc, BSc (Hons), ASCC, MGBT)

SB Fitness Founder

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