Darren Britton

Sport Psychologist

As an accredited sport psychology coach and member of the British Psychological Society, Darren has worked with numerous athletes and teams, including international sailors, marathon runners, triathletes, clay pigeon shooters, county cricketers, semi-professional footballers and multiple sports academies.

The psychological demands of sport and exercise can be stressful, which is why it’s crucial that we effectively cope with the hurdles that may arise to maintain a level of enjoyment and stave off frustration.

Darren provides a bespoke service for all of his clients to help them achieve their goals by coping more effectively with the psychological demands of their sport and training. As an academic researcher in sport psychology, all provided support is drawn from evidence-based skills and techniques.

Consultations with Darren can help address confidence, emotional control, motivation, decision-making, resilience and, performance under pressure. Darren believes in making sport psychology, sometimes seen as complex and mysterious, simple and accessible for people of all backgrounds and levels of sport/fitness.

Consultations can take place in person at Bournemouth University, through skype or over the phone and are priced at £35 p/h for Sean Burgess Fitness customers.

For further information about booking a consultation please contact Darren through either of the mediums listed below.

Telephone: 07505660386
Email: dbritton.psych@gmail.com

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Email: info@seanburgessfitness.com

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