Richard Carrel

Nutrition Coach

Hi, my name is Richard Carrel and I am a fully registered nutritionist through the British Dietetic Association (BDA). To achieve this status I graduated from my MSc degree in Applied Sports Nutrition at St Marys University, Twickenham with a ‘Distinction’ award in 2021.

In addition, to this degree I also have a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from Cardiff Metropolitan University and a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) award in Physical Education through Edge Hill University. Outside of being a student I am also an established teacher with over 15 years of experience, I actually continued on as a lecturer in Sports and Exercise Science, Nutrition and Fitness at Brockenhurst College alongside studying for my MSc.

Before moving into education, sports science and nutrition, I was a professional rugby player in the Lloyds TSB Welsh Premiership and the former National 1st Division in England. I was also fortunate to have gained international honours by playing for Wales Students. Having now retired due to injury, my focus and attention has been redirected towards building a successful career in nutrition coaching. I want to utilise and merge my sports science expertise to further assist those that are seeking body composition, greater health (physical, mental), lifestyle, or sport specific performance improvements.

My current clients are quite diverse as I regularly work with a wide variety of people in the general public alongside a few amateur boxers, semi-professional footballers, rugby players and 1 aspiring sailor who is preparing for the 2024 Olympics. I also enjoy writing and have written on numerous occasions for Matt Lovell, the former Sports Nutritionist to the 2003 England Rugby World Cup winning team, the Football Association and the senior men’s England Football Team.

I love what I do and in my spare time I can always be found reading through new studies. I also continue to train myself and follow my own advice! So you can be assured that the support you will receive, is up-to date, in line with scientific research and has been through tried and tested methods. I look forward to supporting your journey and helping you achieve every pre-determined goal. Exciting times!

The Greatest Wealth is Good Health

Richard Carrel

Contact Details:


Phone (WhatsApp): 01202 282726 (Business Line)


Facebook & Instagram: ‘Sean Burgess Fitness

Relevant Qualifications:

• MSc in Applied Sports Nutrition
• BSc (Hons) in Sports and Exercise Science
• UK Anti-Doping Coach Clean
• ISAK Level 2 Anthropometrist
• Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in Physical Education
• NASM Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer
• NASM Youth Exercise Specialist

Professional Memberships:

• BDA/SENr (Sports and Exercise Nutrition Register)