Jack Dunford

Personal Trainer
Class Instructor

As you will hopefully see for yourself I am very passionate about helping people succeed, so I am incredibly thankful to the whole Sean Burgess Fitness team and community for the opportunity to combine my passion with the occupation that I love. As a trainer who has also been a PT client in the past, I know how important it is to enjoy exercise and get the right support outside of each session to stay motivated and achieve every set goal. This is why I always work so hard for every person that puts their faith in me to help them.

Before joining the fitness industry I spent most of my teenage years and early adult life working in performing arts, which culminated in a tour around the UK with an established theatre group. Without question these acting and coaching experiences had a very positive impact on my confidence at the time and definitely helped lead me to where I am today.

In my eyes the role and responsibility of a successful personal trainer is in part built around having good resilience, values and work ethic as all of these attributes improve commitment and build trust. A favourite quote that I endeavour to live by is ‘’When the majority give up, I become the minority’’. With this always in my conscience I aim to ensure that all of my clients also stay strong both mentally and physically as ‘there is no failure except in no longer trying’’. Which is why I believe anyone can accomplish anything with the right mindset.

For more information about booking a complementary personal training taster session please do not hesitate to either speak with me in person or contact our main office through any of the listed mediums below.

jack dunford

Contact Details:

Email: info@seanburgessfitness.com

Phone (WhatsApp): 01202 282726 (Business Line)

Website: www.seanburgessfitness.com

Facebook & Instagram: ‘Sean Burgess Fitness

Relevant Qualifications:

Level 2 Gym Instructor award
Level 3 Personal Training award
Level 3 Award In Emergency First Aid