Toni Desmier

Personal Trainer
Class Instructor

Although I have always been generally active and a member of gyms from a young age, it wasn’t until my mid 30’s and the birth of my second child that a real passion for exercise fully revealed itself. Surprisingly it was actually the sport of boxing that started my transformation. The almost instant changes that I saw from training, sparring and eventually fighting, both in my physique and general wellbeing were amazing. In total I competed in 7 organised bouts over a 2 year period. 

Outside of the adrenalin highs of being in the ring, I also really enjoyed the mental challenge of consistently staying focused and in shape. However, the part of training that I truly liked the most was working with others and supporting people across all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels with their own individual goals.

After seeing the benefits of boxing and effective coaching, I decided in 2016 to turn my passion into a career by enrolling on a number of courses to ultimately become a personal trainer (PT). In the years after qualifying I set about gaining more teaching experience, especially with large groups by working within a number of Bournemouth and Poole based gyms. 

Eventually this led me to SB Fitness who I have always held in high regard after attending some of Sean’s classes in the past. When the opportunity to join their team as a PT came around I was very excited to accept, as I know their expertise will help me achieve great results with every client that I work with.

For more information about how personal training works please feel free to speak with me in person or contact our main office through any of the listed mediums below.

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Contact Details:


Phone: 01202 282726 (Business Line)


Facebook & Instagram: ‘Sean Burgess Fitness

Relevant Qualifications:

Level 2 Gym Instructor award
Level 3 Personal Training award
Advanced ABC Boxing For Fitness Certificate