Summer Stringfellow

Personal Trainer

Although I have always been healthy and quite active in sport, my own journey to where I am today properly started when I did four months of farm work whilst travelling around Australia in 2018. It sounds funny to write but struggling back then with the very demanding physical tasks that I had to undertake every day really gave me the drive to learn more about the science behind how the body works.
In the years since, both my cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength have developed immensely through regular training and, my passion to inspire others now as a qualified coach has continued to grow alongside my own personal progress.
I am determined to help my clients realise how much they can accomplish with the right level of dedication so that they are empowered not only in the gym, but in every aspect of their lives. With the support of the SB Fitness team I am confident that this ambition will become a reality.
For more information about how personal training works just speak with me in person or contact our main office through any of the listed mediums below.

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01202 282726 (Business Line)


Facebook & Instagram: ‘Sean Burgess Fitness

Relevant Qualifications:

Level 3 Award in Personal Training
Level 2 Gym Instructor Award