The SB 123 Fitness course

Our ultimate transformation package.

Postponed due to COVID-19. Please revisit this page for the latest information.

Are you ready to change your life?

Welcome to the homepage of our highly successful transformation programme ‘The SB123’ which as you will go onto read is a course inclusive of 30 accessible small group training sessions, bespoke nutrition support, 1-1 mindset coaching and many other additional resources all designed to help anyone achieve great training results.

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No Chance of Ever Missing a Session!

In order to ensure that you have the maximum amount of flexibility to train, we always offer over 120 accessible 60 minute training sessions over each 10 week course inclusive of weekends.
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Personalised Training Support

Despite there being only 30 places available on each course every 1 hour session will never have more than 5 people training at any one time, meaning you are guaranteed to receive a greater level of personalisation from your coach than you would in a group exercise class.
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Bespoke Nutrition Guidance

In addition to receiving a personalised plan from our experienced nutritionist before you start your course, you will also receive a free weekly support call as well to talk through any issues which could or have derailed your results.
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Free Mindset Mentoring

Across every 10 week course we offer 3 opportunities to speak directly with one of our fitness or mindset coaches as means to ensure that you maintain the positive psychology to keep achieving your goals.
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24/7 Motivation and Advice

As an SB123 participant you will automatically have round the clock access to talk with every SB coach and like-minded course member through your own personalised WhatsApp group which we also use to regularly share great training, nutrition and mindset tips with you.
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Lots of Extra Giveaways

In addition to having the benefits of multiple discounts across over 50 local businesses through your complimentary 3 month SB Fitness Membership you can also gain exclusive access to our new online resource gallery and receive a free a SB123 t-shirt at the end of every course.

A £400 Multi buy saving

The equivalent price of ONLY*
£11.66 (per session for 10 weeks!)

£200 (Equivalent to £13.33 per session)

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How the SB 123 Philosophy Started

With over 20 years of joint experience in the fitness industry training many thousands of different individuals, we the SB Fitness coaches have come to realise that the only way anyone can truly accomplish their set goals is by adhering to the 3 key principles listed below. With this discovery ‘The SB 123’ was born.

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STEP 1 – Redefine Your Mindset

As an SB123 participant you will automatically have round the clock access to talk with every SB coach and like-minded course member through your own personalised WhatsApp group which we also use to regularly share great training, nutrition and mindset tips with you.

STEP 2 – Optimise Your Nutrition

With nutrition there is no one size fits all approach, your individual eating routine will naturally vary to others dependent on your age, weight and activity level. With this in mind our experienced nutritionist will work with you to develop a plan that is best suited to achieve your training goals. Remember in addition to your bespoke plan you will also receive a weekly call from our in-house nutrition expert to help reinforce your understanding of what you consume and how you track it.

STEP 3 - Personalise Your Workout

Every persons level of fitness and training goals always vary so it is important that your exercise sessions cater for this. With our small group training sessions you experience the benefits of a personalised exercise approach with the added fun and motivation of working out with other like minded people. We find that this combination is a great formula to guarantee your overall success.

Our SB 123 Fitness Courses are perfect if you…

  • Are no longer seeing any results with your present fitness training and nutrition routines.
  • Are currently not training at all & need a new kick start.
  • Are bored with your current training plan or get lost at the gym.
  • Are worried about losing your most recent results.
  • Enjoy/need the motivation of exercising with like minded others.
  • Like your exercise training to be fun, varied and stimulating.
  • Love a challenge!
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Our 123 Success Stories

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Caroline – Lost 16lbs, 12.9 inches and 4.7% in body fat.

nutrition on SB 123

Toni – Lost 10.8lbs, 8 inches and 2.8% in body fat.

nutrition on SB 123

Alison – Lost 1.3% in body fat and Improved by 293% Across 8 Fitness Assessments.

123 Course Details

How many people can sign-up?
Each course is open to a maximum of 30 individuals however, only 3 – 5 people can train together during each 60 minute session.

When do the sessions take place?
Monday to Friday after work from 5pm on-wards and every Saturday morning. Please note that additional training time preferences including weekday mornings can be accounted for dependent on the level of demand.

Where is each SB123 course held?
Each course is run from the Junction Sports and Leisure Centre, Broadstone (BH18 8AX) in the main downstairs gym. It is not-compulsory to be a member at the Junction to take part in each 123 course.

How long are the sessions?
Each SB 123 training session lasts 60 minutes.It is recommended that you attend 2-3 times a week to maximise the course benefits.

What are the course dates?
Our next 10 week SB 123 fitness course runs between
Monday 20 January – Sunday 29 March 2020

For our 5 week course please purchase here.

*Payment schedule
An initial £150 deposit is required up-front before your remaining £100 payments are withdrawn 4 and 8 weeks after your initial sign-up date.

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**Please note that is not compulsory to be a member of the Junction gym in Broadstone or the Lifewise gym in Bournemouth to train with us.

In addition, our taster session booking options are not open to existing or previous SB Fitness clients irrespective of any training preference changes. Only 1 appointment can be made at any-time.