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Expert led training that fits into every global schedule.

As a team which has now delivered over 35,000 personal training (PT) sessions since starting our fitness coaching careers we have seen first-hand how guided, motivational exercise can completely change a person’s mindset and body to become a healthier, happier version of themselves.

However, we have also had to accept that for many regularly being able to visit a gym every week is just not feasible despite good intentions due to family, lifestyle and work commitments. This is why online personal training is a highly effective solution as it still facilitates the ability to benefit from bespoke coaching guidance anywhere in the world at any-time through organised live streamed sessions.

Imagine having to not miss out on a training day and, losing focus on your goals every time you go away for work or can’t leave the house due to travel restrictions.

In mind of the above to find out more about our online program and coaching services please click here or carry on reading below for a full overview of how our live stream PT sessions work.

FREE Personal Training TASTER (1 – 5 PEOPLE)

Sessions Last 55 Minutes
1-1 Personal Training

£22.50 per person*

£17.50 per person*

*Each price above indicates the cost per session.

Need more information?

Talk to a helpful member of our team on 01202 282 726


Our team of dedicated trainers will always devise an effective strategy to help everyone achieve any training goal from the specific to the obscure! As you’ll see below this rarely changes outside of the gym as through our online services we can fully support you in the following areas…

  • Focused Body Composition Training (For Inch Loss, Gain or Maintenance)
  • Personalised Resistance Training (For Muscular Tone, Strength or Size)
  • Speed and Agility Training (For Sport Specific Improvement)
  • Young Adult / Child Strength & Conditioning (For all ages below 18 years old)

ZOOM Video Sessions


If you aren’t too tech savvy then you will be pleased to hear that getting set-up for a Livestream PT session with us is a very simple process. For every appointment we use ‘Zoom’, the popular free to download video communication app.

Once installed on your phone, tablet or laptop we will send you an appointment invite via email which has a clear link to click on at the very top of the notification so you can login for your session. Once loaded up all you then have to worry about is finding a suitable place to exercise, we recommend about 10 foot away from the monitor screen.

*Please note that your trainer will provide you with complementary training on Zoom if required.

For every 55 minute session we charge the following…

  • 1-1 Session = £32.50
  • Partner Session = £22.50 each
  • Small Group Session (3-5 people) = £17.50 each

Real Life Changing Transformations

Visit our testimonial area here to see more amazing transformations.

Dave – Lost 47.5 lbs, 21 inches and 10.6% in body fat.

Ronnie – Lost 34.5 lbs, 32.2 inches and 5.1% in body fat.

Dan – Lost 32.2 lbs, 19.6 inches and 5.6% in body fat.

Top Reviews



Reviewed in Watford, Hertfordshire

Sean’s succinct, structured live stream sessions are always challenging but fun, varied and rewarding. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Abbey and Beth

Reviewed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As full-time dancers we love doing the online training sessions with Sean as they challenge our strength and fitness in lots of different ways which helps to improve our main routines.



Reviewed in Hertford, Hertfordshire

I have seen a few online PT sessions before but none of them come close to matching the intensity and beneficial variety of targeted workouts that Sean runs you through.



Reviewed in Tooting, South-West London

The online sessions with Sean provide a great workout to strengthen my core and upper body, they are hard work but I’ll definitely be continuing with these.



Reviewed in Poole, Dorset

Despite being outside of the gym Sean has shown great knowledge to identify challenging, enjoyable exercises that we can still do at home to perform better in my sport (100m sprinting).



Reviewed in Archway, North London

It’s the first time I’ve tried training online or HIIT but it’s definitely something I want to keep up! Full credit to Sean for finding the right balance between great exercise and banter.


What Are Your Training Goals?
(More Than 1 Option Can Be Selected)

**Please note that is not compulsory to be a member of the Junction gym in Broadstone or the Lifewise gym in Bournemouth to train with us.

In addition, our taster session booking options are not open to existing or previous SB Fitness clients irrespective of any training preference changes. Only 1 appointment can be made at any-time.