Cosette Jackson

Nutrition Coach

Hello, my name is Cosette!

I am a Registered Dietitian who graduated from the University of Surrey with a First-Class degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and have since spent time working within the NHS and privately. I have worked with people of clinical, community and sports performance backgrounds meaning I have experience in many different areas!

My interest in fitness first stemmed from my 12 years as an Elite Gymnast. I used to train 24 hours a week and represented my country internationally within competition. My passion for nutrition came after this period, I reflected on my training as I began to learn more about food and wondered how my sports career would have been different had I had some nutritional guidance. This was even more prevalent for me seeing as I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease as a child, meaning I have always had to understand what certain things are in foods as I must eat strictly a gluten free diet.

I love to understand and discuss food mindsets and behaviours to ensure any change is lasting, and positive. Food fuels our body but it is so much more complex that that- it can be emotional and psychological too. I love to help people understand their food behaviours and then improve these choices and habits to optimise health, performance, and relationship with food.

My aim is to educate and empower clients to ensure they never go through the confusion I did. I believe everyone would benefit from personalised advice to optimise their nutrition, and that is where I can help. No more “What Ifs” or confusion about what to eat to feel amazing. Just positive progress, due to tailored advice.

nutrition coach

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01202 282726 (Business Line)


Facebook & Instagram: ‘Sean Burgess Fitness

Relevant Qualifications:

· Nutrition & Dietetics BSc (Hons)

· HCPC-Registered Dietitian

· Member of the BDA

· Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer

· Women’s Specialist Fitness Instructor

· (Currently enrolled in Post-Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition)